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Workshops: which type of delegate are you?

For anyone who has ever delivered, or attended a workshop - pop the kettle on and enjoy this 5 minute tongue in cheek read.

Jul 18, 2019 admin

A to Z of Networking: Part 4 – S to Z

Well, the wait is over!  Here’s the fourth and final instalment of my A to Z of networking where we’ll look at the letters S through to Z.  Grab a cuppa, pop your phone on silent and enjoy the read. S is for Sixty Seconds It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been networking: you may

May 01, 2019 admin

A to Z of Networking: Part 3 – M to R

As we reach the midway point of our A to Z (unless your alphabet of choice is Khmer – Google it!) we take a leisurely look at M to R.  If you’re sitting comfortably, let’s begin …….. M is for Making Notes At every meeting, attendees will be given the opportunity to deliver their killer

Mar 14, 2019 admin

A to Z of Networking: Part 2 – G to L

In Part 1 we looked at the importance of business cards and how to be a farmer when it comes to networking for your business. Part 2 covers G to L. Ready? Let’s go ….. G is for Go The Extra Mile Once you’ve settled into a networking group, does your business lend itself to

Jan 28, 2019 admin

A to Z of Networking: Part 1 – A to F

Since starting Tao Business Solutions in 2012, I’ve done an awful lot of networking – and yes, some of it has been truly awful!  Over my next four blog posts, I will be sharing my A to Z of Networking with you – the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Are you sitting comfortably, with a mug

Jan 25, 2019 admin

All Hail The Power Hour!

Boost your productivity with The Power Hour!

Oct 14, 2018 admin

You Wouldn’t Send Your Child To The Pub, Would You …..?

Just like most things in life, social media platforms come with minimum age limits.

May 31, 2018 admin

It’s Not All About You!

I’ve undertaken a fair few social media audits of late, and without exception, one of the things that leaps out time after time, across all platforms, is that businesses only tend to post about themselves.

Jan 10, 2018 admin

Vaguebooking? Please stop it. Now!

For many years now I’ve held a pet peeve, primarily with Facebook although it does pop up on other social networks from time to time.  So, imagine my sheer joy at discovering that I’m not alone.  I’m actually in the majority, maybe the masses.  There’s even a recognised word for the thing that makes my

Oct 12, 2017 admin

“My Mate Says ….”: 5 Common Social Media Myths Debunked

Without exception, every time I embark on some social  media training, either with a 121 client or a delegate on one of my workshops, the phrase “my mate says” always crops up, together with one or two common social media beliefs that quite  frankly make me shudder. Whilst it’s true to say that most of

Mar 23, 2017 admin
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