Well, I’m glad to say that I’ve had a much better week than Boris Johnson! 

After last week’s weigh in, I ploughed through Tesco like a woman possessed, topping up my fruit stash.  Somehow, an avocado made its way into my trolley – a fruit I’ve always shied away from, having tried it once (it was hidden in a salad) and deemed it far too slimy ad soapy to be good for you.   

Once home, Mr Avocado resided in the salad drawer of my fridge.  He kept winking at me.  I kept ignoring him ….. and so it went on, the ultimate unconsummated relationship.  He even kept popping up in conversation, which is where this fable takes an interesting turn.  I was advised by someone I trust very much to mash it, add some chilli flakes and the juice of a lemon (or lime if I’m feeling particularly avant garde!)   Somewhat reluctantly and with a rather high degree of cynicism, I did as instructed and do you know what ….. it was bloody lovely!!!  And what’s even more amazing is that I’m now being followed on Instagram by “angryavocado”!

Last week it was the discovery of home-made hummus and this week we’ve moved on to avocado.  Whatever next? 

One thing that Andy at Simply Nutrition has educated me on is the art of rewarding.  My family are all foodies: we eat when we’re happy, sad, depressed, celebratory, weddings, funerals, Sunday piss-ups ….. food has always been there.  One thing that Andy and I discussed was rewarding milestones and achievements with non-food treats.  So, there I was last Wednesday evening at Tonic Day Spa having an amazing three hours of treatments, leaving me feeling blissful and worthy.  Try it – I can highly recommend stepping away from the real world for a few hours!

Thursday saw me remember how to find Nuffield Health in Cannock – my first swim since completing my 22 Mile Channel Challenge for Diabetes UK back in May.   I managed 50 lengths of the pool and felt bloody wonderful afterwards.  Note to self: get arse back in pool at every given opportunity.

The weekend was a flurry of home cooking, but no lettuce leaves in sight!  With my fave “Fakeaways” cookbook we dined on Szechuan Beef, Chezlaaaa Vegetable Fried Rice, Spicy Chicken, Homemade Mustard Coleslaw, Chips and a rather tasty chicken tray bake – please tell me you have Orzo pasta in your cupboards.  It’s fab!

So, how is she doing, I hear you all ask? 

Today (Tuesday) was weigh in day and I’m absolutely over the moon to learn that this week the scales went down by 4.5lbs.  Since starting this journey just over 2 weeks ago, I’ve lost 7.7 lbs!  That’s about 58 sausages, don’t ya know.    My Body Fat % and Visceral Fat are also down, and my muscle mass has increased – all good stuff – and all from replacing my regular lunch with 1 Herbalife shake. 

I’m feeling better already and can’t wait to start getting back into some of the lovely threads, currently residing at the very back of my wardrobe! 

Today’s #TopTip – if you decide to start a healthy eating plan, purge your cupboards of all the tempting treats and processed packets.  Instead of throwing them away though, donate them to your local food bank. 

Let’s see what Week 4 throws my way.  Thanks for reading!