When it comes to owning a business, one of the most challenging things you’ll ever need to do is write about yourself, be it web content, blogs, 60 second intros for networking, or completing your social media profiles.

It’s easy to sit staring at a blank screen getting nowhere fast, and when you eventually have something to show for your efforts, you’ve missed the mark completely.

As your copywriter, I will listen to your brief and then put myself into your audience, to produce copy that’s readable, jargon-free and engaging.

Why Blog?

Adding a blog to your website has several benefits:  it gives you a platform to demonstrate and share your knowledge, it can be a great way to find out more  about your audience and it’s fantastic for your organic search engine positioning.  The more regularly you upload new content to your website, the more frequently it’ll get re-indexed as fresh content, thereby raising your business in organic search results.

A blog can also show your human side, and that beneath your business façade is a real person who has interests outside of the business.  It’s all about telling your story, and as shocking as it may sound, not every blog on your website must relate to your business.  There’s a well-known saying when it comes to blogging for business – “Blog, don’t flog”.  Food for thought?

Web Copy

When someone visits your website, you need to be able to draw them in and make them stay.  It’s all too easy to write web copy that reads like an instruction manual – full of jargon that’s only relevant to your business sector, that nobody outside of your world understands.    Web copy also needs to be written with SEO in mind, again to help with organic search results.

60 Second Elevator Pitches

For regular networkers, having to present yourself in 60 seconds every week can be a struggle and it’s all too easy to repeat the same message, week in week out.

Social Media Profiles

The more complete your profiles are, the easier you are to find – but often they’re incomplete, crammed with irrelevant information or simply overlooked altogether.


​If you’d like to talk about any form of copywriting for your business, get in touch and let’s get those words rolling off the page. Or screen!

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