Anyone who has attended one of my social media workshops, or had some 121 coaching from me, will know that I am absolutely passionate about social media profiles and the importance of getting them right.

Every social media platform has different profile requirements, but the ultimate aim of putting ourselves and our businesses “out there” is to be found, and hopefully, followed.  Think of your profile as your shop window. The more complete your profile, the higher you will rank with the internal search algorithms of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

When completing your profile information, try to think outside the box.  My LinkedIn connections and enquiries have increased since I changed my name from just plain old Cheryl Turner to Cheryl Turner – Social Media Superhero.  It tells my LinkedIn connections exactly what I do, and literally took seconds to change.

Is your business dependent on a geographic location?  Have you got a link back to your website?  Do you have opening hours?

My biggest bugbear are the profiles with no profile picture, or a bad image.  Ditch the selfies and holiday snaps and invest in a set of professional headshots with a photographer.  Aim for uniformity across all of your social media platforms and try to include your branding – the header/banner space on Twitter and Facebook are prime real estate – why leave them blank?  Although a word of warning – Facebook isn’t too keen on blatant advertising on their banner space, so be subtle!

In summary:

  1. Your Twitter biography/profile can be up to 160 characters in length
  2. Tweak your name on your LinkedIn profile to make yourself more memorable. Try searching for your own name on LinkedIn – I bet you’re not the only one!
  3. Include a link back to your website.
  4. Regularly review your Facebook Page profile – is it up to date and accurate?
  5. Make the most of the header image/banner space.
  6. A good, clear professional headshot far outweighs a selfie!
  7. Don’t make your LinkedIn profile too much like a CV – be relevant to what you do now.
  8. Build your LinkedIn credibility with Recommendations from clients/associates – if you never ask, you’ll never get!
  9. Try to add regular Posts to your LinkedIn profile – it shows your connections that you know your subject matter.
  10. Don’t over-hashtag – particularly on Twitter, as it can make your profile difficult to read.

Yes, time is precious but investing in 10 minutes to go over your social media profiles could make a big difference!