Cheryl has worn another hat for 6 years organising a team of 40 volunteers to help man a phone-in centre for BBC Radio 2’s Children in Need appeal. The annual 12-hour stint has helped to raise over £2 million pounds for the charity and Cheryl’s organising skills are second to none. Having to constantly adjust for drop-outs and last-minute sickness, she has always come up with keen volunteers and has marshalled them all to the right places at the right times. They all had to be accredited and security checked and she sorted that too. It was a pleasure to have had her on board and there is no doubt that had she not taken on the task (and had 40 willing chums) my life would have been really hard. I think Children in Need, Radio 2 and I all owe Cheryl a big thank you for a job brilliantly done with good humour and willingness.