OK, so your business is growing, you’re getting busier and busier and the days just don’t have enough hours in them. Yet you’re STILL trying to do everything yourself. If struggling to keep up with the paperwork, the book-keeping, the marketing and a dozen other day to day tasks is distracting you away from what you originally set out to do, or maybe you’re missing out on valuable family time as your working days leak into the evenings and weekends, then maybe now’s the time to consider outsourcing.

Before you head for the hills clutching your head in your hands, consider the positive impact that using the services of A N Other could do for your business, your profit margins and most importantly, your work/life balance and sanity.

How long do you spend on your social media every day? Do you validate your new followers on Twitter, or target people to follow? How do you interact on Facebook? Do you have a blog? Do you use LinkedIn? Social media can be time-consuming and a complete waste of time if you don’t know your way around it – but it’s here to stay, so you could be missing out on valuable sales, contacts, events and trends if you ignore it altogether.

Do you try to do your own books? A book-keeper can probably do in a fraction of the time what it may take you a day or more to complete; and all for no more than around £20.00/hour.

Are you spending time pulling together your database, working out how to mail merge those sales letters, getting frustrated over how to format a simple newsletter, or spending hours on the phone getting contact names for a marketing campaign? Why not use a Virtual Assistant?

By outsourcing things like admin and book-keeping, your time will be freed up so that you can get on and do what you originally set out to do: work on your business, not in it.